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What Is Medicine Use Review (MUR)?

Introduced in April 2013, the Medicine Use Review (MUR) is a structured review of patient’s medicines.

Simply put, it means that you have an opportunity to speak with your pharmacist almost anything related to your medicines. The purpose is threefold.

First, it should help you understand your therapy. Secondly, it should help you identify any problems, such as side effects. Finally, it may result in some suggestions on our behalf so as to help you solve these problems.

How Can You Get an MUR?

Medicine Use ReviewThere are two ways you can get a Medicine Use Review.

We may offer it ourselves if we consider it proper, or you can ask us for a review yourself if you deem it necessary. In addition, other healthcare professionals, such as your GP, a doctor or even a nurse, may request that your pharmacist carries out an MUR with you.

We’ll be happy to review your medicines. Please, don’t hesitate to ask for one if:

  • you are regularly taking more than one prescription medicine;
  • you have a regular therapy for a long-term illness, such as asthma, diabetes, arthritis or epilepsy;
  • or, simply, you have a feeling you need one.

In either of these cases, feel free to speak to our Pharmacy team to make an appointment or just contact us online right now.

Some Questions You Can Ask

NHS has prepared a great booklet for anyone interested to find a bit more about MUR. It includes a list of suggested questions (pp. 14-5) you can ask during a MUR. Here are few of them:

  • What does this medicine do?
  • When and how should I take it?
  • How long should I take it for?
  • What should I do if I don’t feel well while taking it?
  • How can I be sure it’s safe for me to take it?
  • What are the possible risks and side effects?
  • Could another medicine do a better job, with less risk?
  • What if I stopped taking it, or took a lower dose?
  • Where can I get more information.

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