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Our People

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Meet Our Staff

In order to become a pharmacist, one needs to complete a four-year university course and work for a year under a qualified pharmacist. So, it’s safe to say that registered pharmacists are highly trained professionals, and that you can put all your trust in them concerning any number of situations.

The same holds true for pharmacy technicians who have two-year diplomas and are qualified to prepare medicines and give advice on topics such as weight management or smoking cessation.

All members the Murphy’s Chemist staff are registered with the the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC), the independent regulator for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy premises in Great Britain.

And all of them are committed to their obligations and your wellbeing. We are proud that we can call them “our team” and even prouder that you trust us to be a part of it too.

Meet the faces of Murphy’s Chemist:

  • Helen Murphy Helen Murphy

    Pharmacist & Owner

  • Christine Barnett Christine Barnett

    Dispensary Assistant

  • Caolan Costello Caolan Costello

    Dispensary Assistant

  • Stephen Toland Stephen Toland


  • Thomas Gordon Thomas Gordon

    Photo-lab Technician

  • Jillian Whiteside Jillian Whiteside

    ACT Technician

  • Gillian O’Hara Gillian O’Hara

    Dispensary Assistant

  • Carmel Chapman Carmel Chapman

    Dispensary Technician

  • Louise Callaghan Louise Callaghan

    Dispensary Assistant

  • Tanya Kelly Tanya Kelly

    Pharmacy Technician

  • Stephen Dunlop Stephen Dunlop


  • Laura Gilloway Laura Gilloway

    Pharmacy Technician

  • Paula Kelly Paula Kelly

    Dispensary Assistant

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