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Skin Conditions

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Skin conditions: Acne vulgarisThere are hundreds of different skin conditions, and many of them can affect anyone. Though most of them are harmless, some are severe. And many can have a fairly negative effect on a person’s lifestyle. Others are widespread; for example, in 2015, dermatitis affected about 250 million people worldwide!

Moreover, about 2 in 3 British people will at some point suffer from one skin disease or another!

Skin conditions: DermatitisSince many skin conditions have similar symptoms, it’s important to understand the differences between them. It’s also important to contact your dermatologist as soon as possible when you notice any strange skin symptom. He/she should be able to diagnose the condition promptly and prescribe you a treatment.

We, at Murphy’s Chemist, will be happy to provide you with all the medications you may need. We have regular stocks and are always glad to be able to help.

Here you can find a list of the most common skin conditions. There are short descriptions, list of symptoms, provisionary treatments and links to larger articles. You can find even more by browsing through the A to Z of skin diseases here.

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